300 stranded at Chandertal Lake, rescue operation conducted by SP Mayank Chaudhry

About 300 Tourist and local stranded at Glacial Lake Chandertal at an altitude of 14000 ft from the sea level was rescued by the police.

Officiating Director General of Police Satwant Atwal informed in his Twitter posts that two hundred Tourists who are camping at Chandertal Lake in Lahaul-Spiti district in the inclement weather conditions were rescued and kept in a safer place.

Superintendent of Police Mayank Chaudhry lead the rescue operation himself and soon after establishing contact on the near lake, he calls on Sattalite’s phone with DGP. 

Mr. Chaudhary informed that there was a total of 300 people who are at the campsite and 200 tourists who are facilitated by a camping party and established contact with their families.

SP said that due to poor telephone signal Tourist are able to call their family members therefore police and camping party is making call on the contact number given by stranded tourists on the lake. 

SP said that the rescue team and camping party has made arraignment of safe shelter and food for all standard person and all are safe and to be brought down shortly.

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