100 outsourced employees of Medical College Nahan at the mercy of God

 Serving since the most testing time span of the Covid pandemic about 100 outsourced employees of Nahan Medical College in Sirmaur district are today at the mercy of God as the company employed them in the emergency system could not extend the contract.  The Contract Agreement of KS&ES and NCES company with the government expired today.  The employees facing the exit from this service include 60 staff nurses, and 25 data entry operators including drivers, peons, etc. 

The employees are urging the Hospital administration that kept their services in the testing span of Covid their services should be hired further before they get the fire-out notice from the hired firm. Staff nurses and other such employees were forced to serve during the Covid period when it was risky to work in the hospital. The hospital administration knows how many lives were saved by these outsourced workers risking their lives but today there is a deep crisis in their own livelihood.

Some of the employees shared their concerns with us and said that they are still living in hope that their services will be regularized under the policy as before the assembly election Congress promised to come out with a policy for them.  They said that the Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu government of the state is also looking helpless to support these Corona Warriors.  Most of these are such workers who have already been married and the family is running with the help of this job.

 The state government knows that it was not due to a surplus of staff that their services could be terminated as there is already a huge shortage of staff in institutions like medical colleges. These employees also stated that kept on the occasion of their duty they have to work more than regular employees and without taking leave.  Employees say that their salary and incentives have not been released in the last three months.  They stated that they promised to provide Rs.200 per day incentives but only released  Rs.1500 once. The  Labor Act has also been flouted.  On the first day of ending the contract, the company’s general health services were affected in the Medical College as outsourced workers were not deployed on their duty.

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