Himachal’s Jal Se Krishi Ko Bal Yojna

The prosperity of Himachal Pradesh’s agricultural sector is a result of the dedicated efforts of farmers, advancements in scientific practices, and the effective implementation of government schemes. State government has launched various agricultural schemes for continuous development and progress in this area. Along with this, efforts are afoot to provide irrigation facility to each field.

Under the Jal Se Krishi Ko Bal Yojna, check dams and lakes were being constructed in the suitable selected areas for further distribution through small lift and flow irrigation channels. For the implementation of Small Community Irrigation schemes, hundred percent expenses are borne by the government. In the year 2022-23, an investment of Rs. 25 crore was made to irrigate 80.26 hectares of land, providing benefits to 345 farmers. Subsequently in 2023-24, Rs. 10 crore were provided under the same scheme.

Initiatives are underway to rejuvenate natural water resources, with a significant emphasis on reinforcing kuhls (small streams) for irrigation. The government’s Pravah Sinchai Yojana is actively involved in the revitalization and strengthening of kuhls. Also, the expenditure for hundred percent of the community work is being taken care of by the government. 50% assistance is being provided for the construction of bore wells and shallow wells at the individual level. Under the same scheme in the year 2022-23, 600 hectares of land has been involved providing benefit to 820 farmers whereas in the year 2023-24, an amount of 4.56 crore rupees from the sanctioned 8 crore rupees has already been spent.

The concept of bringing out new technologies from the ‘labs to the field’ is being implemented in full swing by the state government. In the hilly regions, farmers are being provided with facilities and latest equipments so that their hard work pays off.  The implementation of state mechanization program for the mechanization in the agricultural field is also under progress. Under this, crop cutters, maize sheller, wheat thresher, sprayer, brush cutter, seed separator and hull etc. is being provided at 40-50 percent reduced rates. For the implementation of the scheme, the state government has provided an amount of Rs.10 crore in the year 2023-24. Welfare of farmers has been given utmost priority by the government for their encouragement and many ambitious schemes are being implemented effectively for bringing a positive change, improvement in yield and stabilization of income.

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