Himachal government did not give any compensation to farmers and gardeners : Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh formed under the leadership of Sukhwinder Sukhu is proving to be a failure on every front. The rains during the winter months did not occur till the month of March, due to which the farmers and gardeners of Himachal Pradesh suffered huge losses. All the District Magistrates were instructed by the government to assess the loss of crops, but farmers and gardeners did not get anything in the name of relief.

He said that in the month of April, wind, storm, storm accompanied by rain and hailstorm caused heavy damage to the remaining crops, but to compensate for that loss, the Sukhu government of the Congress did not give any compensation to the farmers and gardeners. didn’t help

Dr. Bindal said that farmers and gardeners just kept looking at thousands and lakhs of big hoardings put up on the side of the roads, on which it is written “Sukh ki Sarkar, Naya Daur Sukh ki Sarkar”. Where the gardener cheats the farmer in the name of relief.

The BJP president said that the disaster management of the present government was blown to pieces in the first rains that occurred in 10 days last week, neither the government was prepared for the rains nor the administration was prepared for the rains. The roads of many areas of the state are still closed for the movement of vehicles.

Dr. Bindal said that the highways of Mandi and Shimla have been affected to such an extent that thousands of vehicles are parked on both sides of the road and its pictures are going viral on the media and social media.

The BJP President said that the monsoon has not even started yet, so the condition of the government has come in front of the public and it is not known whether the government of Sukh will bloom when it rains properly.

Dr. Bindal said that immediate relief should be provided to farmers and horticulturists. Relief of drought, relief of damages caused by hailstorm and now relief of damages caused by rains. The Congress party and its leaders cannot divert the public’s attention by making statements to be farmer friendly.

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