No dearth of emergency fuel & food stock in Kinnuar: HP Govt

The border Kinnuar district of Himachal Pradesh disconnected between Rampurbushair and Recong-peo after a massive landslide at Nigulasri for the last ten days.

The spokesperson of the state government said that the state government acted with promptness, made alternative arrangements, and issued instructions to various departments of the district to work actively to provide facilities to the people of the district.

 The state government has provided a transshipment facility by Himachal Road Transport Corporation for the movement of people on the disrupted NH-05, construction of alternative routes for pedestrians by the PWD, and provision of assistance to needy and disabled passengers by the Home Guard Department. 

An adequate number of police personnel have been deployed by the police department to maintain law and order. 

 Apart from this, the district administration has made proper arrangements for food and water for the workers and passengers engaged in the work of restoration of the blocked road.

  District Disaster Management Authority Kinnaur is also working actively and local Panchayat representatives and Trade Board Bhabanagar are also providing necessary assistance to the travelers and people engaged in restoration work.

 Health camps have been set up by the district health department for travelers, workers, and other persons.  First aid and emergency services are being provided in the health camp.  

The cases referred by Recang Peo Regional Hospital to IGMC Shimla and Government Hospital Khaneri Rampur are also being stabilized and transferred to the temporary camp set up in Nigulsari.

 So far, a health check-up of 212 persons has been done in the camp.  Apart from this, 02 ambulances have also been deployed for emergency situations.

 In this camp, 54 accident-related cases were registered by the health department doctor, in which 06 minor injured persons and one seriously injured worker were referred to Civil Hospital Bhavnagar.

 Apart from this, the Horticulture and Forest Department is also providing a ropeway facility to the gardeners and farmers of Kinnaur district to deliver their crops to the market on time, which is being operated by the Horticulture Department.

 A total of 48 cylinders and 258 bags of vegetables have been delivered to the district through the ropeway installed from Nigulsari to Bada Kamba.  

Till now, 1911 full boxes, 70 half boxes, and 2087 apple carts have been delivered to the markets from the district.  Apart from this, 1534 bags of peas have also been exported to the markets.

 For the gardeners of Kinnaur district, apple crop is also being exported through Kinnaur-Kaja road and till now about 1136 metric tons of apples have been exported through Kinnaur-Kaja road.

 At present 16929 liters of petrol and 42822 liters of diesel are available in the district and 4000 liters of petrol and diesel are available in the Pooh development block.  

Apart from this, there are 05 tanker petrol and 06 tanker diesel routes for the district which will reach the district soon.

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