No casualty in the IGMC fire, the cause said to be short-circuit

The Attic floor of New OPD, Indra Gandhi Medical College Hospital gutted on Thursday however no loss of life was reported in the mishap.

Senior Medical Superintendent of IGMC Dr Rahul Rao told the media person that a preliminary investigation revealed that the fire was caused due to short circuit.

The fire caused massive loss to the top floor however rest of the floor and building were secured.

Sr MS hailed the IGMC security staff and firefighters to douse the inferno which is under control now. 

Dr. Rao stated that everyone was safely evacuated from the affected premises. He further added that no serious causalities were reported in the incident.

After the incident, the IGMC administration decided to install fire safety equipment as necessary measures w to control a similar fire in the future.

A team of technical experts would visit ar the affected area to ascertain if the new OPD block could resume services as it had been suspended immediately after the fire broke out this morning. 

MS informed that to cater to the case of emergency the hospital has already resumed services and patients are being treated in the emergency block B.

 CAG in its recent report said that the State Fire Department did not conduct a fire audit of high-rise buildings despite the Supreme Court has issued instructions that all institutions and multistorey buildings required NOC and permission from the Fire department which have to conduct a fire Audit of each building to avert fire and loss to life and property. 

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