Jagat Singh Negi flags concern over China’s continuous strengthening of its border

After a recent visit by INDIA alliance leader Rahul Gandhi in border areas of Indio-China in Ladhakh and raising concern over the occupation of Indian territory by the People’s Liberation Army of China. now one of the responsible revenue ministers of the Himachal Pradesh Government Jagat Singh Negi flagged a similar concern while interacting media person here recently.

Addressing the media person on Friday at the State State Secretariat Mr. Negi who is five times MLA of Kinnaur district and currently serving as a Tribal Development, Revenue, and Horticulture minister in the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government and also holds a portfolio of Deputy Speaker (2012-2017) said that constant lie being spoken by Prime minister that ‘no one had come or no one would come inside Indian on India-China border.

Mr. Negi said that China has occupied Indian land, especially in Ladakh as the two nations share a long border and China is continuously strengthening its border structure and has occupied Indian land, especially in Ladakh, it has captured a large area.

Negi said that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has continued to raise this issue and he also drew the attention of the government recently as he returned back from his bike ride to Ladakh. 

“Rahul went to different places in Ladakh along with Himachal Pradesh’s Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) Sunder Singh Thakur,” the Minister said in the presence of Mr Thakur who was accompanied by Mr Negi in a press briefing.

Mr Negi said that with the escalation of the Docklam standoff in 2017 Indian Army 20 Jawans were killed by the PLA and the Indian Government is trying to ignore the illegal occupation by the invading Chinese army.9

Thakur, who accompanied Rahul Gandhi on the Ladakh visit told a Media person at Shimla that Mr.Gandhi met many residents during his visit and they informed Mr. Gandhi that the pastures where they used to graze their animals and sheep for a long time are now under PLA occupation. He said that is clear that China has occupied our territory.

The relationship between India- and China was further hit when Chinese President Xi Jinping decided to not attend the G20 summit being held in India.

The geopolitical link between India and China has deep consequences related to Himachal Pradesh as around three lakh Tibetan refugees who have been waging wars for seven decades against China resided in the state.

However changing postures Tibettan living in Dharmshala of Himachal Pradesh are deeply influenced by Chinese Development and it forced Tibetan Spiritual and apostle of peace Dalai Lama to shower praise on China age old enemy of Tibetan refugees here.

Recently in media interaction, Dalai Lama Said “I am always open to talk. Now China also realizes that the spirit of Tibetan people is very strong. So, in order to deal with Tibetan problems they want to contact me. I am also ready”,

Spiritual leader has not stopped here but he acknowledged that China was undergoing changes and that there is growing interest among Chinese officials, both formally and informally, to establish contact with him.

A Public Relations Officer posted in the border district told us that India -China borders in Himachal Pradesh were largely peaceful.

He said that the state shared about 260 km long porous border with Chinese-administered Tibet in Kinnear and Lahaul-Spiti districts and the border guarded by Indio Tibet Border Police (ITBP as 20 outposts, including the high-security camp at Kaurik.

Previously media reports had highlighted that stand-off also affected age-old annual cross-border trade in Himachal Pradesh as Tibetan people and traders have enjoyed hassle-free traditional mountain trails and passes for centuries.

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