Himachal Kisan Congress requests PM Modi to provide one-year interest waiver to farmers on Kissan Credit Card

 Chief Spokesperson Kanwar Ravindra Singh addressed the press conference of Himachal Pradesh Kisan Congress at Rajiv Bhawan, Shimla. In which he said that the reply to the letter which Kisan Congress had recently sent to the Prime Minister regarding interest waiver in KCC to the farmers of Himachal has arrived. This letter was registered as a complaint under e-solution and it has been resolved by writing that the Prime Minister’s Office is not capable of taking any decision on this subject! Therefore, the Prime Minister’s Office cannot take any decision on interest waiver to the farmers of Himachal on the basis of this letter. Kisan Congress again requests the Honorable Prime Minister to provide a one-year interest waiver to the farmers on KCC. In view of the situation created in the state due to rains and the loss they had to suffer, KCC requests that their one-year interest be waived.

Governor Ravindra Singh said that the fruits and vegetables of the farmers of Lauhal and Spiti have now started reaching the markets. For this, he has thanked Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh ji! Kisan Congress gave him a letter in the secretariat informing him that all the roads there are closed, and requested that the Kandi-Kotala road should be restored soon because their fruits and vegetables are rotting. The Public Works Minister took cognizance of this and opened the roads on a war footing. Himachal Pradesh Kisan Congress thanks him for this. He said that the Kangra district meeting of the Himachal Pradesh Kisan Congress has been scheduled to be held on 13 September 2023 at Google Kisan Bhawan under the leadership of District President Suresh Pathania. In which the problems of farmers and gardeners of Kaganda district will be discussed. Some Aantis are not purchasing the crops of the gardeners and paying the money on time! Himachal Pradesh Kisan Congress requests those commission agents to make payment to the gardeners for their goods as soon as possible. An unnamed fruit company, Sainj Parala No. 15, has not yet paid the payment to many gardeners, due to which the gardeners are upset. Adani has still not kept the prices of apples in line with the market. Due to this farmers are not selling their crops to Adani! Thanking Priyanka Gandhi Vadra ji, Kanwar Ravindra Singh said that all the farmers and gardeners of Himachal Pradesh are grateful for the fact that she raised the issue of the gardeners of Himachal Pradesh at the national level. Adani should increase its rates according to the market. After Kuldeep Rathore came into the media, Adani increased the rate but that rate is also not reasonable. A gardener from Rohru, who threw rotten apples in the drain was politically motivated, he said that the action has been taken by the Pollution Control Board, which is a statutory body and acts under the inspection and supervision of CPCB. There should be no politics on this. We sympathize with that gardener but this action has been taken not by the government but by Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control, based on the decision of Abhishek Rai vs State under the National Green Act of 2013. The Pollution Control Board has been constituted under the Water (Prevention and Regulation of Pollution) Act 1974 of the Centre. The rules for its proceedings are determined. There is no influence of the state government in this. He has also condemned the statement given by the former BJP minister in which he had said that it is anti-farmer. He said that it is known to everyone what Congress has done for the farmers of this country. Be it the Green Revolution, White Revolution, or Minimum Support Price to farmers, subsidies, insurance to crops, food items at low prices to people below the poverty line or mainly promoting agriculture in five-year plans. Congress has always worked for the welfare of farmers. People have still not forgotten the three laws due to which hundreds of people lost their lives. In Himachal Pradesh, even bullets have been fired against the farmers under the BJP government. Such statements do not suit a senior BJP leader!

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