Face recognition technology for the pensioner to obtain Life certificates: Prabodh Saxena

The Directorate Treasuries Accounts & Lotteries, Himachal Pradesh, has decided to introduce Face Recognition Technology for the Pensioners of State Government so as to easily submit their Life Certificate through ‘Jeevan Pramaan Face Application’, stated Chief Secretary, Prabodh Saxena here today. “This initiative shows the commitment of the State Government towards enhancing the convenience of the pensioners and a step towards technological advancement,” said Sh. Saxena.
This will reduce wait time besides the need for traveling allowing pensioners to submit their life certificates from their comfort zone and ensures utmost safety, said Chief Secretary.
A spokesperson of the department informed that to avail this facility the pensioners need to install “Jeevan Pramaan Face App” and “AadhaarFaceRd App” from Google Play Store on their Android device.
The detailed information for using these apps is also available at URL
After installing the app, the pensioner will have to enter his/her Aadhaar number and mobile number (any) in the Jeevan Pramaan Face App for verification. Any mobile number can be entered in this as it is not mandatory to enter mobile number linked to Aadhaar only, he added. By clicking on submit, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number, which has to be entered in the app.
Thereafter the details such as full name in Aadhaar, type of pensioner, sanctioning authority (State Government of Himachal Pradesh), disbursing agency (Himachal Pradesh State Treasury), Treasury / Sub Treasury etc are to be filled to obtain online life certificate.
With this initiative, pensioners can get their faces biometrically verified and submit their life certificates from their Android devices without any hassle, he said.
The spokesperson said that on filling the above information on the app, a message will appear asking the pensioner to scan his face and blink his eyes. Once the image is successfully captured, a certificate ID will be generated and an SMS will also be sent to the mobile number. This certificate will be automatically sent to the e-pension software of the state, which will be confirmed to the pensioner by SMS from e-pension

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