Evasion of Rs 300 Cr: Excise Dept conducted searches on three firms

In a matter of tax evasion tuned to Rs 300 crores by the three firms state excise and taxation department seized records of three firms on Sunday after these companies were found indulged in claiming fake input credits on the GST. 

Chief Commissioner of State Tax and Excise Department Yunus Khan said that fake input tax credit of about Rs 300 crore has been claimed by three companies. About 300 firms were registered in five states which have claimed fake input credit. The State Tax and Excise Department, District Sirmaur carried out a major action on these firms belonging to Kala Amb.  All the documents of these two industries located in Moginand and the Industrial Area were taken into possession by the team after taking action for more than 5 hours.

The officials conducted a search on the basis of inputs that these firms are indulged in big scams in GST on the basis of fake bills.  Earlier to this many documents were taken into possession by raiding this industrial unit by the Central Excise authorities. Before the searches were conducted the excise department teams were formed by Deputy Commissioner, State Tax and Excise Department, District Sirmaur, Himanshu, by calling high-powered officers from Solan and Shimla for the purpose as 24 officials were involved in the search.  There is information that seized documents are being scrutinized now which confirmed the evasion of taxes on a large scale was being done by these firm. 

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