Digital divide is increasing in society with the changing world: Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar

If the state government shows even a little seriousness in the literacy campaign, then Himachal Pradesh can very soon achieve the target of 100 percent literacy. At present, there are around 8 lakh illiterate people in the state who can be made fully literate by imparting basic literacy skills by running a special campaign. This is what Dr. Om Prakash Bhureta, Director of the State Resource Centre, Shimla, has to say. In a press release issued on the occasion of the 57th International Literacy Day, Dr. Bhureta said that for this the government will have to run an intensive and planned campaign. State Literacy Mission should take this initiative. Dr. Bhureta said that the State Literacy Mission has been inactive for the last few years and there is a need to reactivate it. He said that self-help groups and social organizations can be included in the campaign. He said that if the government wishes, the State Resource Center can assist in preparing a strategy to make the state completely literate.

State Resource Center President Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar said that due to the literacy campaign in the 90s, an environment was created in which not only the illiterate people were made literate but the enrollment of children in schools also increased. He said that this year the theme of International Literacy Day is ‘Promoting literacy for the changing world and building the foundation of a sustainable and peaceful society.’ In today’s context when there is a great need for communal harmony within the country, in such a situation Literacy Day is being celebrated. This slogan is very relevant. He said that with the changing world, social and economic inequalities as well as the digital divide are increasing. On one hand, while homes, offices, businesses, information, and knowledge are all being operated through the Internet, a large part of the country is deprived of all of these. After Covid-19, a new trend of working from home has started and on the same lines, efforts are now being made to make education online. However, the situation in the country is not such that such experiments can be successful or are in the public interest. Therefore there is still a need for educational institutions.

Himachal Gyan Vigyan Samiti State Secretary Jiyanand Sharma said that Literacy Day was not only a campaign to make adults literate but also included components of continuous education and skills. Organizing people and ensuring their participation in development also came within the scope of the definition of literacy. Therefore, due to the awareness arising from the literacy campaign, women organized themselves into self-help groups and learned new skills to improve their economic condition. Today, lakhs of women across the country are generating their livelihood through self-help groups and contributing to the country’s economy. He said that like Women’s Day, Literacy Day should be celebrated across the state.

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