Administration sounds alert in Manikaran Valley after snag in Malana Dam Gate 

District Administration Kullu sounded alert to people living along both banks of the Parvati River flowing down the Manikaran valley of Kullu district after the rising of water level due to the opening of flood gate of the Malana Hydro Power Project Stage -1 and Stage 2 dams.

The spokesperson of the Kullu district Administration informed us that since Monday onward alerts have been sounded constantly to residents living along the Parvati River to not go near the swollen river banks as the Barrage or Malana Dam -1 gate was opened last evening however the Malana Hydro Power Project Stage-2 also located in Manikarna Valley of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh is under constant threat. 

He said that gates of the dam-2 have been blocked due to the sudden rising of silt level, due to which the water of the dam is overflowing and all the water is now flowing over the dam.  The administration said that due to snag in the watergate it is unlikely that it would cause a lot of devastation down the valley but people must avoid going near the River as its banks may wash away the people due to sudden floods. 

The administration also said that the water level may cross the danger mark as the gate of Dam-1 was opened yesterday and the barrage may be broken down as following the snag in the watergate the additional water is released after opening the edge of the dam which may suddenly release a lot of water on banks because there is raw soil on the side of the dam.  

Many houses along the vulnerable catchment downstream of the dam have already been evacuated. The Kullu district administration issued an alert on Monday announcing that residents to not approach the bank due to the possibility of a bursting barrage. The alarm was sounded right from State- 2 Dam till Bhuntar where the Parvati River merges in the Beas. 

The administration is in touch with power company management which informed them that they could not release water in the control way as the gate has been blocked due to heavy silt in the dam.   In such a situation, if the dam breaks, then the water level of the Beas river will also increase.  Although the amount of water in the dam is 30 cusecs. The administration said that since there are many houses and fertile lands of the people along the River may cause devastation if water could not be released on the control way. 

‘  The people of Malana have hundreds of bighas of fertile land on the bank of a Parvati river near Chowki village.  There are hundreds of residential areas along the Beas River from Jari to Bhuntar Bajira and Pandoh Dam.  In such a situation, an alert has been issued.” spokesperson added. Till 1700 hrs the water flow was under control. Recent flash-flood, landslides, and the rising water level on the Beas River have caused heavy loss to property and lives in the  Kullu district which is constantly in danger as the water level in many dams is above the danger marks in the district. 

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