23 fruit & vegetable vendors fined for charging exorbitant prices

Twenty-three fruit and vegetables vendors were caught by district administration Kinnaur charging exorbitant prices of vegetables and fruits from consumers.

According to a district administration spokesperson as many as 22 fruit and vegetable vendors were fined Rs 30 thousand 782 for selling more than the prescribed dividend.

Sub Divisional Magistrate Kalpa and District Controller Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kinnaur Dr.  Major Shashank Gupta told that the department conducted a surprise inspection of total 21 fruit and vegetable vendors of District Headquarters Reckong Peo, Khawangi, Hospital Mod and Dakha. 

 During this investigation, it was found that vendors are charging exorbitant prices and they didn’t display wholesale or retail dividends and price list in the shops.

During the investigation, a fine of Rs 30 thousand 782 was imposed and 649 kg of vegetables and 17 kg of fruits were compounded as most of the vegetable and fruit vendors couldn’t provide purchase vouchers for vegetables and fruits, for not displaying the price list.

 Surprise inspections would continue in the future as well, and more fines would be charged from guilty vendors Shashank Gupta while issuing instructions to all fruit and vegetable vendors said that in the future they should display purchase vouchers and price lists in clear words in the business premises and no merchant  Don’t charge more than the fixed dividend otherwise strict action would be taken.  

He told that in the future also such inspections would continue from time to time and more fines would be collected from the vendors found guilty.  

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