Census of blue sheep (Bharal) and Ibex (Tangor) started from Lari

The field staff of Wildlife Division Spiti and the staff of NCF have started the work of counting the number of Blue sheep and Himalayan Ibex. DFO Manendra Javade said that this work is done every year so that the number of blue sheep and ibex can be estimated and a plan can be made for the promotion of these species. This year the number of these wild species will be counted in the entire Spiti valley and local people will also be included in this count. This count will be done for fifteen days from May 16. Blue sheep (Bharal) and Himalayan Ibex (Tangor) are the main food of snow leopard and it is very important to have both these species in large numbers for the promotion of snow leopard. These species are counted through double observer survey, in which 2 inspectors count the wild animals together and no inspector tells the other about the location of the animals. In this way both the inspectors keep writing their observations independently. This technology has been developed by the Global Snow Leopard Organization.

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