Will raise the voice of gardeners of Himachal to increase the import duty on apples: Vikramaditya

Congress candidate from Mandi parliamentary constituency, Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh has said that after becoming MP, he will prominently raise the voice of the gardeners of the state for increasing the import duty on apples coming from abroad. He said that building a cold store for fruit growers in Kullu, and building a big apple and other fruit juice plant is also his priority. He said that employment should be available to the youth at their doorstep and doors for self-employment should be opened, this is his vision for Mandi parliamentary constituency.
Today, while addressing his election meetings in Bhutti, Vanogi Deori, Newly, Raila, Pukhri, Talada, and Jivi of Kullu district, Vikramaditya Singh said that his vision of development is in front of everyone, whereas the BJP candidate is in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She is chanting. He said that politics is not a profession but a great medium of public service. For this one has to live among people and see and understand their problems. He said that preserving the Dev culture is our supreme religion.
Vikramaditya Singh said that BJP does politics in the name of religion. He accused former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur that he was upset after seeing the defeat of his candidate Kangana and now he is doing politics of regionalism in Mandi.
Vikramaditya Singh, on Kangana’s statement in which she is saying that only one family wants to stick to the chair, has said that the people of the state elected late Virbhadra Singh as the Chief Minister six times. MP Pratibha Singh was elected from Mandi. Elected as MP 3 times. He said that Kangana is insulting the public opinion and sentiments of 70 lakh people of the state by making such statements.
Vikramaditya Singh said that Kangana is also insulting senior BJP leaders and former Prime Minister Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee by saying that whatever development has happened in the country has happened only after 2014. To say that the country got independence only in 2014 is a grave insult to the freedom fighters which can never be tolerated.
Earlier last evening, Vikramaditya Singh, in his public relations address in Simsa Panchayat of Manali, appealed to the people to vote for him. The people of Simsa warmly welcomed Vikramaditya Singh and expressed their full confidence in him and said that he will solve the problems of Simsa Panchayat. He told that ever since Kangana has built her house here, life especially for her neighbors has become miserable. Here the freedom of the people has been curbed. He told that Kangana has even filed police cases against the people here. She behaves like a dictator here with people which is very unfortunate.
Vikramaditya Singh assured the people of Simsa Panchayat that after becoming MP, he will expand roads, drinking water as well as other public utility facilities in this Panchayat. He said that they have no need to fear anyone and he will fully protect their rights.
It is noteworthy that BJP candidate Kangana has made her new house here.

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