Himachal Govt to confer property rights to Slum dwellers

Himachal Pradesh Government decided to confer the property rights to Slum dwellers in the state who are occupying the slums since Feb 21,1974 not exceeding 75 square meter area in the state as a new legislation was  introduced in the state assembly by Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj on Monday.
Mr Bhardwaj said that bill was brought with the objective to provide property rights to the Slum dwellers in the state.
 “Today India endeavors to find its place as a global super power .  However, slum situation in the urban areas is a serious problem.  A large population is residing in slums despite of several housing policies . ” he said. The slum dwellers are residing in poorly built tenements or temporary built tenements, rounded together with inadequate sanitation and unhygienic conditions.  It is responsibility of the Government and society to take steps to improve the living standards of these slum dwellers so that they can live their life with dignity and respect.  The slum dwellers have been living in these slums for decades together with a constant threat of eviction and demolition of their tenements.  This has also been creating hindrance to provide basic civic services in these areas.  Therefore, the Government has decided to confer inheritable proprietary rights to the slum dwellers of land occupied by them for decades together.  In case of untenable habitations, the slum dwellers shall be rehabilitated elsewhere.  This will facilitate sustainable growth of civic amenities in these areas, which in turn will be help full in providing healthy and qualitative life to these people.  In order to approve the list of persons on whom the proprietary rights will be conferred, a Slum Area Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Committee shall be constituted under the Chairmanship of the Collector concerned in each urban area, he added .  The entitlement would be confer to landless person who is bonifide citizens or India and does not own any land or house or right anywhere in the country.
A Bill named as Himachal Pradesh Slum dwellers (Property Rights) Bill 2022 have total 16 sections spreading in 12 page. The provisions of bill mentioning ed that if said dwelling falls  forest land, it will have to follow the due process of law for diversion of lands under the Forest Conservation Act 1980 and any other law, he added.

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