Tunnels to Transform the Economy of Himachal

Tunnels play a vital role in making the journey in the hills more comfortable, and convenient, and reducing distances. The public works department should prioritize the construction of tunnels under the new road projects for the convenience of both local residents and tourists, which would go a long way in saving the time and money of the commuters, besides providing all-weather connectivity.  

Roads are the lifeline for a hilly State like Himachal Pradesh as all the economic activities depend on them. Thus, it becomes important that modern transportation development must adhere to the concept of green and sustainable development and realize the harmonious integration of transportation development, resources, and the environment. Green highways are the embodiment of ecological civilization and green transportation development concepts in the field of highway construction, particularly in a hilly state like Himachal Pradesh were mandatory.

Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the present State Government was endeavoring to build safe and comfortable roads that are a commuter’s delight by focusing on resource conservation, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and service improvement. Therefore, the roads, bridges, and tunnels being constructed in the State strictly adhere to this concept starting from their design, construction, operation, and maintenance to achieve sustainable development of road construction.

Sh. Sukhu said that to connect the upper areas of Shimla district throughout the year, the state government mulls constructing tunnels. Surveys will be conducted for the construction of tunnels under Kharapathar on the Kotkhai-Hatkoti road and another one to connect the landlocked Dodra-Kawar area of the district.  

This proposed tunnel on National Highway-705, under Kharapathar, will reduce the distance from Shimla to Rohru by around 10 to 12 kilometers and ensure all-weather connectivity to the whole upper Shimla area. Once this tunnel is completed it will prove a boon not only for providing all-weather connectivity to this beautiful area but also facilitate the farmers’ marketing of their produce.

The tunnel will also open unexplored areas of the region with great tourism potential like Chanshal, Kuppad, Giri Gang, Monal Danda, Samarkot, Khadrala, Sungri, Chunjar, and Hatkoti, etc. for the tourists during the months of winter when the nature decorates the whole area with all its bounty, said the Chief Minister.

Similarly, the tunnel to Dodra-Kwar will not only help in providing all-weather connectivity to this landlocked hinterland but also open this area to tourists and solace seekers, he added.

The tunnel will not only promote tourism in a big way but will also facilitate the horticulturists in marketing their products as the orchardists will not face any difficulty in transporting their produce to the market of 

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