World Health Day celebrated in Sanjauli School Shimla

Ayesha got first place in the speech competition while Aarti and Sakshi got second place
World Health Day celebrated in Sanjauli School
Shimla, April 09. World Health Day was celebrated in Government Senior Secondary School, Sanjauli, courtesy of the Health Department. It was presided over by Chief Medical Officer Shimla Dr. Rakesh Pratap. On this occasion, a speech competition for children was also organized. In which Ayesha of class IX got first place, Aarti and Sakshi jointly got second place and Janhavi got third place.
CMO Dr. Rakesh Pratap, while giving detailed information about Mera Swasthya Mera Adhikar in his address, said that every person should make some rules in their lifestyle to stay healthy, which is very important to follow. He said that it is necessary for every person to use coarse grains in a balanced diet every day, which contains all the mineral elements. Apart from this, one should get up every morning before sunrise and go for a walk or do yoga and exercise so that the body can remain healthy. He said that every person should use clean drinking water because there is a possibility of spreading many diseases from contaminated water.
Dr. Rakesh Pratap said that the way the youth are getting involved in various types of addiction is not a sign of a healthy society. The way the youth are straying from their goals is a matter of concern and contemplation. He said that the youth should avoid addiction otherwise their life will become hollow due to addiction due to which they cannot fulfill their life goals. It is necessary for every person to sleep for at least six to eight hours. He said that it is a matter of regret that countless youth use intoxicants for sleep which has many side effects. He also advised people to check their health from time to time.
On this occasion, health teachers Sanjana Dafraik and Meena Sharma and medical social worker Mehta also gave tips to the children on how to stay healthy. On this occasion, Principal Neena Mehta and Dr. Puneet distributed prizes to the children.
Teachers and non-teaching staff of the school and a large number of children participated in the program. 000
Photo Caption – Celebrating World Health Day at Sanjaul School

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