Woman Reservation: Sukhu’s open invitation to BJP’s lone woman Legislator for Cabinet Berth if she joined Congress

 In great moments of gender justice Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu gave an open invitation to BJP lone woman Member of Assembly Reena Kashyap that he is ready to offer her cabinet berth tomorrow if she joined the Congress legislature party today.

Mr Sukhu complimenting fair sex on the momentous occasion of passing of women’s reservation bill in the new Parliament today gave a suomoto statement during the monsoon session on Tuesday.  

CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that unfortunately Congress couldn’t have a woman Member in the assembly and it feels shortcomings due to unfair representation of women in the house and government.

He said that he would offer to BJP MLA Ms Reena Kashyap to come to our party today, and we would make you a minister tomorrow.

The chief minister made these remarks while complimenting women as the Central Government has tabled a 33 percent reservation bill( for women in the Assemblies and Lok Sabha) in Rajya Sabha today.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this and said that this will give more strength to women’s power.

 But during this time, CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu also invited the only woman MLA in the assembly, Reena Kashyap, to join the party. 

The Chief Minister said that there is only one woman MLA in our assembly. He said that we respect women and laughingly said that if Reena Kashyap comes this way, we will make her a minister tomorrow itself.

 However, the Chief Minister said that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had taken important steps towards the empowerment of women and had made a provision of 33 percent reservation in Panchayat institutions.

 He said that in 2010, Sonia Gandhi took a historic decision and introduced this bill in the Rajya Sabha and got it passed, since then this bill has been in the Rajya Sabha. Not only this, but recently in the Hyderabad Congress working committee meeting it was stated that 33 percent reservation should be given to women in the Assemblies and Lok Sabha.

 The Chief Minister said that today when the government entered the new Parliament, the government brought the Nari Shakti Vandan Act in the Lok Sabha. 

He said that today the women’s power in India will get new strength. The Chief Minister congratulated the Prime Minister for this.

 He said that now it remains to be seen whether it will be passed in this Lok Sabha election or whether it will be implemented in the next elections.

Leader of Opposition Jai Ram Thakur also greated women for the historic move in the assembly.

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