Winter Session of HP Assy at Tapovan from Friday

After gap of two years amid Covid-19 pandemic Tapovan Vidhan Sabha Complex is hosting Winter Session of 13 legislatuve Assembly to begin tomorrow .
On the eve of session Vidhan Sabha Speaker Mr Vipin Singh Parmar who also belonged to Kangra district today convened a press conference about arrangements of winter Session here .
Mr Parmar who took responsibility of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in 2019 to be on the dias to chair  the winter session  going to be held near Chinmaya Ashram famous as Tapovan Vidhan Sabha for the first time in his tenure as speaker. 

Mr Parmar welcomed all the members who arriving at Dharmshala and Tapovan for the session from state capital Shimla and all over the state and including Member of Jai Ram govt council of ministers, Bureaucracy and Head of Department and media person at Kangra district .
 He said that session is scheduled to be held after two years gap as 2020 session was cancelled amid Covid-19 pandemic  to be start on 10th December, 2021 at 1100 hrs and would continue till 15th December, 2021 at Tapovan Bhawan located in Dharamshala of district Kangra in the zone of Dhauladhar. 
 There would be a total of five  sittings in this thirteenth session of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly.  
There would also be mourning on December 10, 2021.  
A day of December 14, 2021 has been fixed for the non-official or private member’s working day.  
Going down the history of Tapovan Assembly Complex at Dharmshala Speaker informed that  first winter session was held at Prayas Bhawan at Dharmshala in the year 2005. 
 After that, the winter session has been going on continuously since the year 2006 at Tapovan Vidhan Sabha building of Dharamsala. 
 Last year, the corona epidemic had assumed a formidable form, due to which the winter session had to be postponed. Still Corona has not ended but something has reduced.  
” Nowadays there are reports of a variant named Omicron which is more terrifying and dangerous. ” he said ..
The Legislative Assembly Secretariat, District Administration and Municipal Corporation are fully prepared to deal with all these situations.
  While the Municipal Corporation would completely sanitize the Dharamshala Tapovan Vidhan Sabha premises, before entering the premises, thermal screening of all will be done and wearing of masks has been made mandatory and social distance will also have to be adopted.  
To deal with any emergency situation, ambulance and testing scanning is being done before entry into the  premises by the health department.  
During the session, arrangements are being made for sanitizers with foot pedals outside the main gates of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat, outside the House, the side and the opposition gallery, the side and the opposition lounge and outside the officer hall. 
 Apart from this, an isolation room inside the building and two special wards in Tanda Medical College have also been reserved. 
Arrangements are being made to provide face masks to the members of the Legislative Assembly and all the media colleagues.  
During this session, whatever SOP’s have been issued by the Central and State Governments for the Corona epidemic will be strictly followed. 
 In view of the Corona epidemic, while observing social distance, only one journalist of one newspaper or news agency would sit in the media gallery at a time. 
 Apart from this, only one correspondent of each channel of electronic media will sit in the journalist wall. 
 The cameraman, photographer and all the representatives of the web portal will be given entry only till gate no. 2, 3 and 4. 
 There is a seating arrangement for 200 people in Audience gallery but due to the Covid epidemic, only 75 visitors would be issued passes to watch the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly at a time in Darshak Dirgha, for this the Police Department and the Legislative Assembly Secretariat will make proper coordination.JAs far as the information seek by the members in this winter session is concerned, a total of 576 notices have been received, out of which 388 ( 307 online and 81 offline ) starred questions and 188 ( 108 online 80 offline )  have been received for unstarred questions.  .  
Most of these questions have been sent to the government for further action as per rules. 
 Apart from this, two information were saught under rule 62, five information under rule-101 and nineteen information under rule-130 have been received from members, which have been sent to the government for further action also likely to be listed in the house.
The information related to the questions received by the members is mainly due to the Corona pandemic, the measures taken by the government for the unemployed youth during the Corona period, the arrangements made in the hospital for the corona victims, the pathetic condition of the roads, DPR’s of the approved roads, State  Upgradation of colleges, schools, health institutions etc. and filling of vacant posts in various departments, tourism, horticulture, supply of drinking water, policy formulation for outsourced employees, increasing criminal cases and solar energy and transportation is based on the system.  
Apart from this members have also highlighted the main issues related to their respective constituencies through their queries. 
Speaker said that recently held by-election, three honorable members have been elected to the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly  all would be welcome with hope  that all will try to raise the problems of their respective areas prominently through questions and stay within the ambit of the rules and participate in meaningful discussions on important subjects in the House.  
In view of the winter session, the Tapovan Legislative Assembly building was decorated and beautified with colorful lights and welcome hoarding during t session. 
 Apart from this, the offices of major departments and circuit houses and rest houses of all other departments are also being illuminated with lights, which will make the view of Dharamshala city even more beautiful and visible.  
I would also request the honorable members of the ruling party and the opposition to raise only the issues related to public interest in the house and respecting the traditions and dignity of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, by staying within the ambit of the rules, meaningful discussion in the house on matters related to public interest.  
Do and give your constructive cooperation in conducting the session.  I hope that all the honorable members will make use of the time of the House for resolving issues related to public interest.  
An all-party meeting has also been held at 1500hrs at Dharmshala for the smooth functioning of the House.

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