Wildlife wing cage leopard on the trail of pug mark & camera trap

Himachal Pradesh Wildlife Authority and team of Dehradun Wildlife Institute on last night succeeded to caged a leopard wanted for killing by kids from Devodar forest at Downdale outskirt of capital town.
Biologist of Wildlife Rescue Centre Totikandi of Shimla Akashy Bajaj said that a team from Dehradun Wildlife Institute was working day and night from 0600 hrs to 1930hrs from dawn to dusk to trace the wildanimal.
The Leopard wanted since Nov 4 and it was being traced along with others leopards on the camera traps in the jungle but it could not be caught on the trap cage. 
Mr Bajaj said that they have  changed strategic position of trap cage recently on the his pug mark and camera traps it was caught in the cage at 1900 hrs on Thursday.
The Leopard was sink or made unconscious by the tranquilizing gun by the wild life official and shifted to Wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centre Totikandi last night.
He said that now scat analysis is being done to identify whether it has preyed the kid or not. 
The Wildlife Authority would keep the caged leopard at capitivity till it would not acertained that it is not man-eater, he said.
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Wildlife Authority Anil Kumar Thakur  confirmed that the caged animal was female Leopard and it was seen roaming near the spot along with two cubs since it preyed the 4yrs boy Yograj son of Kedarnath of Downdale outskirt of Shimla on Nov 4, 2021 on Deepawali night. 
Mr Anil Thakur said that scientific scat analysis would ascertained the identify of the man-eater which was declared wanted by Wildlife Authority soonafter State Human Right Commission passed order on Nov 10 to kill the leopard preyed upon the two kids in interval of three months.
It is worthwhile to mention here  that state Wildlife Authority have to burn midnight burner to traced the the leopard.

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