Vikramaditya requests Union Government to add 9 roads to Bharatmala Project

PWD, Youth Services & Sports Minister, Vikramaditya Singh who met Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Alka Upadhyay, in New Delhi today urged to include more roads of the State under Bharatmala Pariyojna.

The Minister submitted a list of nine roads covering 1254 kilometers including a 90 km stretch of the junction with National Highway 303 at Jawalamukhi-Dehra-Jawali-Raja-ka-Talab-Jassur. This will cover the major tourism circuits originating from Jawalamukhi, Rock cut temple Masrur, Pong Dam, Haripur Guler, etc.

The Draman-Sihunta-Chowari-Jot-Chamba-Koti-Tissa-Killar road with a length of 271 km will connect National Highway (NH) 154 at Dramman. There is a provision of two tunnels on this road to provide all-weather connectivity to the interior areas like Pangi and will also link Tandi to Sansari Nallah bordering Jammu and Kashmir.

The 108 Kilometers Chaila-Sainj-Oachghat-Sarahan is important for the logistics of apple growing belts. 

The 260-kilometer road originating from Dhalli in Shimla to Tattapani-Chailchowk-Janjehli-Chhatri-Ranabag-Nagan to Ner Chowk and Dadour will provide alternate connectivity from Shimla to Mandi and Kullu.

 Originating from Taradevi at Shimla the Kunihar-Ramshehr-Nalagarh-Dharowala-Ghanauli road of 102 kilometers,

Around 172 km stretch of road from Tandi to Sansari Nalla.

Ghatasni on NH-20 to Shilha-Badhani-Bhubu Jot-Kullu on NH 21, with a total length of 52 km,  114 km stretch of Sanora-Rajgarh-Nauhradhar-Haripurdhar-Rohnahat-Jamali on NH-707, and Kaloor on NH 03 to Dhaneta-Barsar-Shahtalai-Berthin-Nihari on NH 103 with a length of 85 km.

 He said this would not only promote tourism but also strengthen road connectivity in the state.

PWD Minister also requested for up-gradation of Tikkar-Jarol Gahan-Nankhadi-Khamadi road amounting to Rs. 108.33 crores, 560-meter long bridge over Swan river, stretch on Pandora Teuri amounting to Rs. 50.60 crores.

The Minister also discussed the condition and progress of various other roads in the state.

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