The state of Himachal Pradesh was slapped fine of Rs 10000  by the High Court for engaging in frivolous litigation

The state of Himachal Pradesh was slapped with a fine of Rs 10000  by the Himachal Pradesh High Court on Monday for engaging in frivolous litigation as the petitioner state challenged a paltry amount of Rs 2500  in an appeal before the court.

Hearing an instant petition on Sunday Chief Justice M.S. Ramachandra Rao and Justice Ajay Mohan observed that State as a model employer could not discriminate among its employees in this manner and give a benefit that is conferred under the applicable rules or instructions to some, and deny the same to others”, While ruling in favor of a retired Tehsildar and granting him a regular increment from July 2013 for extended period of service High Court has criticized the State for engaging in frivolous litigation and emphasized the need for equal treatment of employees. 

The increment in question for which this appeal has been filed by the State has a small value of appropriately Rs.2500/- only, the bench criticized the State for litigating a matter with such a minimal amount and accordingly dismissed the appeal with a cost of Rs. 10,000/-

 “We are distressed that in such small vail matters also, the State continues to litigate and harass the citizens”, the court observed dismissing the state appeal.

The state government has challenged the single bench order for allowing an increment to the official on account of the extension of his service but the state maintained that employees were not eligible for the increment.

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