The poison of regionalism will not be allowed to spread in Himachal: BJP

Accusing ministers of the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government of fighting each other or throwing dust in the eyes of the public BJP lambasted the government for allegedly spreading poison of regionalism in the state.

  BJP leader and former minister Rajeev Sehjal, former minister Govind Thakur, former minister Virendra Kanwar and former deputy speaker and MLA Hans Raj said in a joint statement issued today that the Sukhwinder Sukhu government is now indulging in politics of regionalism as its ministers are looked against each other openly indulged in the regionalism.

Party leaders are referring to a recent scuffle between the Taxi unions belonging to two districts and the subsequent public posturing of the Congress minister on the basis of region.

 They said that hardly six months in power Ministers of the government have started promoting regionalism by giving contradictory statements.  

They said that the government’s image declined drastically as instead of fulfilling the guarantees, the Congress party has started blaming others.

BJP leader said that the Congress government in the state is trying to victimize People as it closed down   1000 government institutions however under pressure from party president Pratibha Singh it couldn’t close many schools.

He said that fearing the wrath of the people they couldn’t many schools but now the Sukhu government in Shimla is openly involved in poisoning regionalism.  

It seems that the ministers of the government are fighting with each other however they are doing it to divide people against them.

BJP leaders said that the poison of regionalism will not be allowed to spread in the state at any cost.

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