The people of the state are suffering in the mutual tussle between Congress: Jamwal

BJP Chief Spokesperson Rakesh Jamwal said that the people of the state are suffering due to the mutual tussle between the Congress and the discussions and examples of the tussle between the Congress are well known.

Congress Chief Minister, Congress State President, Congress MLA, Congress Ministers, Congress sentries, all are suffering from mutual tussle. Due to which he himself is troubled and the public is also troubled.

He said that the present Congress government has created CPS but some posts of ministers are still vacant. Congress leaders discussed their announcements several times, but nothing has happened yet. But it is noteworthy that those who have become ministers are in name only, the reach of these ministers is very big but they do not have reach even in their own districts.

At many places, such a scene was seen that people who are not public representatives are also being inaugurated in public programs and their names are also on the inauguration magazines. Is this a sign that there is a tussle going on among Congress leaders in one assembly constituency also?

He said that the Congress leadership is very kind to its friends, but it also has a burden. Friends have been given big positions, many even have cabinet rank without winning, but many Congress leaders are worried about the burden they have on the government.

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