Tajendra Pal Singh Bittu discussed media strategy for the upcoming Shimla Municipal elections

A meeting of media and social media was held today at State Congress Headquarters Rajiv Bhavan for the Shimla Municipal Corporation elections. In the meeting, the strategy of the media for the municipal elections was discussed.

All India Congress Committee Secretary, Co-in-charge of State Affairs, Tajendra Pal Singh Bittu said that by highlighting the failures of the opposition in the municipal elections, especially the BJP’s misdeeds in the municipal corporation, the state Congress government’s 100 days of historical work should be promoted and Dissemination should be done prominently. He said that the coming manifesto of the party for the Municipal Corporation will be very important, so it should be publicized and disseminated like a team in media and social. He said that the responsibility assigned to him in the media room set up at State Congress Headquarters Rajiv Bhavan during the elections will have to be fulfilled with full devotion.

Industries Minister Harsh Vardhan Chouhan said that Shimla Municipal Corporation elections are very important for Congress. He said that in today’s era media and social media have a strong role, so no one should take it lightly. He said that like the assembly elections, the Shimla Municipal Corporation elections also have to be won by Congress. Everyone will have to work unitedly for this.

The meeting was also attended by Tajendra Pal Singh Bittu, Industry Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan, Chief Media Advisor to Chief Minister Naresh Chauhan, Devendra Bushehri, Sushant Kapret, Anita Verma, Tarun Pathak, Kiran Dhanta, Rajendra Verma, Nitin Rana, and SK Sehgal.

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