Sukhu cabinet minister cautions fellow minister from indulging in regionalism 

The Sukhu Government cabinet minister Vikramaditya Singh today cautioned his fellow minister Anirudh Singh from indulging in regionalism on the posturing of the latter in a recent dispute of taxi operators in the capital Shimla has now taken political color. 

After the public stand taken by Rural Development Minister Anirudh Singh in favor of Shimla Taxi Union Mr Vikramaditya Singh today criticized the fellow minister and said that the government was been targeted by the opposition BJP.

He said that such issues must handle with care Congress party never believes in regionalism.

He stated that every dispute must resolve instead of taking an impartial stand soon.  He said that there was a dispute between taxi operators in the capital Shimla in the past, but an attempt is being made to give it the color of regionalism, which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  Whether it is the people of Kangra, Sirmaur, Bharmour, and Kinnaur, all the regions are respected and it is the responsibility of the state government to strengthen all the regions and provide employment.

Without mentioning that the minister influence the administration by involving him in the dispute with a party PWD minister said that SP Shimla and DC expected to resolve the ongoing taxi dispute in Shimla.

He said that Government rectify its stands by sorting out the matter soon.  He said that the government of Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu of the state stands firmly with every class and caste of the state.

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