Sukh Ashray Yojana for a bright and secure future for orphans and destitute in Himachal

Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu today here said that soon after holding the reigns of the State Government have taken significant steps to address a long-neglected issue in the state. He said that in order to benefit deprived and needy children and to improve the quality of their lives the Government has started Chief Minister Sukh Ashray Yojana which has now been given a legal shape during the recent budget session.

The Himachal Pradesh Sukh-Ashraya (Care, Protection and Self-Reliance of Children) Bill, 2023 will make the destitute children the responsibility of the state government, said the Chief Minister.

He said that 6000 destitute children of the state have been adopted as ‘Children of the State’. These children would now be supported by the government to become self-reliant and not be dependent on the mercy of society. The state government will make every possible effort to nurture these children as guardians besides helping them reintegrate into the mainstream of society, said the Chief Minister.

He said that the bill aims to provide proper care protection, development, and self-reliance to orphans, semi-orphans, and specially-abled children in need besides a provision to provide clothing allowance and festival allowance to the children residing in the Child Care and After Care Institutions. These children would also be provided an opportunity for annual exposure visits within and outside the state. Additionally, recurring deposit accounts for each child would be opened, with the State Government contributing to these accounts, said the Chief Minister. The State Government would be providing shelter, food, clothing, etc. till the age of 27 years along with higher education, vocational training, skill development, and coaching facilities. Apart from stipends to meet their personal expense the government will also provide them with financial assistance to establish their own start-ups. The bill also has a provision for three Biswas land allotments and housing grants to landless orphans, added the Chief Minister.

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