State human rights commission take cognizance of Leopard attack on kid

State Human Rights Commission has issued orders after a five-year-old baby was picked up and then killed in Kalnog in outskirt of Shimla by a leopard in Himachal Pradesh.
Chairman of the commission Justice PS Rana and member Dr. Ajay Bhandari order  the state and concerned department terming it violation of human rights of life.
The Human Rights Commission has issued orders to immediately catch the leopard alive or kill it immediately.  
Order said that  leopard should be declared a threat to human life as leopard have  killed this little boy after preying and  it  and in an ambushed or planned manner.
” If it is not possible to catch that man-eating leopard, then it should be killed immediately. ” the order said.
 The orders have been issued by the commission after hearing all the concerned parties and taking cognizance on the various report of state agencies and additional superintendent of police.
The commission has also asked to mark and tag all the leopards in the vicinity within a month.  
The grant mothers of victims has also been ordered to pay the full compensation amount of Rs 4 lakh.  
The order came at a time when another child was taken away by a leopard on the night of Diwali in Downdale.  Earlier, on August 4, 2021, a five-year-old girl was taken away by a leopard in Kanlog.
The commission said that keeping further threat to liveDFO Urban Shimla and Wildlife Warden Leopard should immediately issue shoot at site order if it couldn’t not be catched.
The order said that CCTV cameras and camera traps should be installed at various places beside installing fence in the surrounding areas within a month.  
The commission said that the right to life is a right guaranteed under the Constitution.
In such a situation, the Human Rights Commission has a legal obligation to protect human life.

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