Spl favour by HIMFED chairperson: Cong issue in the Chargesheet

Congress party lashed out the BJP chairperson of HIMFED for allegedly favouring a private Hotelier by intervening in the matter of property allegedly encroached by latter in the heart of Capital Town.District Shimla Congress Chief Yashwant Chhajta told us that issue would be prominently figures in the Congress party Chargesheet to be released on the four yes of Jai Ram Thakur Government before the announcement of Assembly Election. Party said that a major issue came forth before party as HIMFED chairperson was favouring  the owner of Landmark Hotel, a private hotel located in the capital. He alleged that on the behast of Chairperson a three-member panel comprising of Poltical persons was set up to settle the issue out-of-court.   It is worth mentioning that Hotel Landmark has been built near the office of Himfed, which has encroached upon the land of Himfed.  The matter is pending in the court and the decision from the lower court has already come in favor of HIMFED. Mr Chhajta said that Managing Director of Himfed is in favour of Court order. MD placed the issue in the Board of Directors meeting recently stating  that eviction order against the owners of Landmark Hotel for not removing the encroachment is already pending for High Court decision therefore this matter should be waited. Congress party alleged that the chairman of HIMFED is forming a committee to make out-of-court settlement to pass on undue benefits to the owner of the private hotel. Party showed concern that it would cause harm to the private sector middlemen want to reach undue advantage. He said that if the Congress government comes to power, this matter would be investigated. He claimed that the party has the evidence along with the facts and the behind-the alleged deal. Mr Chhajta said that apart from this, many other scams which are currently happening inside HIMFED would also be included in the chargesheet.  The appointment of a consultant in the HIMFED is under investigation for misappropriation of corporation funds  also be considered by chargesheet committee. HIMFED is a state public sector units provide inputs and fertilizers to farmers. 

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