Special compensation should be given to farmers for damages caused by hailstorms: Dr. Tanwar

A delegation of Himachal Kisan Sabha Kasumpti unit, under the chairmanship of State President Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, met SDM Rural on Tuesday regarding the damage caused to the crops due to hailstorm. He handed over a memorandum regarding giving proper compensation to the affected farmers.
Dr. Tanwar told the SDM Rural that in the panchayats around the capital, a lot of hailstorms have been recorded for the last two-three days, due to which the cash crops of the farmers in the Gram Panchayat Patgehar, Darbhog, Bhadech, Chamyana Fagu, Chiyog, etc. Due to this, the farmers started worrying about the bread of June 2.
He has demanded the SDM get a special revenue guard done to take stock of the damage caused by the hailstorm and to give compensation to the farmers. Told that there are some farmers whose livelihood is based only on cash and off-season vegetables. He told that the rate of compensation in the state is only Rs 300 per bigha, whereas, in the neighboring state of Haryana, compensation of Rs 3000 per bigha is given for the loss of crops due to calamity. Such a meager compensation proves like cumin in a camel’s mouth.
SDM Rural assured the delegation that the report of the loss would be prepared and sent to the government in three days so that the farmers could get relief.

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