Special Children Session of Himachal Vidhan Sabha, While interacting CM Sukhu gave mantra of hard work

A special session for children was organized on ‘World Day against Child Labour’ at Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, Shimla today. 

 Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the children participating in the ‘Bal Satra’ were fortunate to have got an opportunity to express themselves in  Vidhan Sabha, a 98-year-old complex that has been a witness to many historical events. 

The Chief Minister observed the proceedings of the children’s session and congratulated them for participating in this unique event organized for them, which will go down in the annals of the Vidhan Sabha. 

Recalling his past political journey, the Chief Minister said that he was just 17 years of age when he contested the first election as a class representative, and after that, there was no end to his political journey, be it in Student organizations or at the State level political arena. 

 “Just because of hard work and sincerity towards the organization I worked with and because of the affection given by the people of the State, I became  Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh”  adding further that there was no shortcut to success and one should keep trying hard to achieve the same. 

There are many opportunities awaiting the youth in politics, provided they work hard with a motto to serve the Nation with earnestness.  

 The Chief Minister assured to consider the suggestions for conducting special sessions for practicing yoga in schools besides giving his assent to other submissions of the children. 

The Government has adopted 6000 orphans as ‘Children of the State’, and it was a matter of pride that St. Stephen’s College Delhi has agreed to give admission to three orphan children from Himachal, he revealed.  

The Government has made several provisions in the budget to realize the vision of making Himachal Pradesh a ‘Green Energy State’. The diesel buses of HRTC are being converted into e-buses in a phased manner.

 Rajiv Gandhi Day-Boarding Schools are being opened in rural areas to bring quality in education.

 A provision of Rs. 300 crore has been made for these schools, said the Chief Minster.

Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha, Harivansh said that it was very important to increase the participation of youth in governance.

 Efforts were being made to make maximum participation of the youth in the development of the country. He said that to develop the leadership potential of the youth, their all-round development is necessary and through the children’s session, the young generation has got a new platform.

The need of the hour was to face the challenges arising due to the advent of modern technology. He appealed to the youth to play their part with confidence and determination, try to unite the society, and work together to take the country on the path of glory. 

Speaker of Himachal Vidhan Sabha, Kuldeep Singh Pathania said that the Special Assembly Child Session has been organized in the historic Council Chamber of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha after selecting child legislators from all over the country. He congratulated Jahnavi, who was selected for chair of Chief Minister in the session, and other participants.

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