Shukla statement on exduss in AAP away from ground reality.

Congress in-charge of Himachal Rajiv Shukla’s statement on the exduss of Party workers  to Aam Aadmi Party, is away from the ground reality, Spokesperson of  Manish Thakur Himachal Pradesh unit of AAP Aam Aadmi Party said in a press release issued here today. Mr Shukla in response to shifting of Congress leaders and workers  into AAP said in a statement recently that only those who would not get tickets are switching over to new outfit in State of Himachal.”I want to tell them that new and young faces  in large numbers are joining the Aam Aadmi Party. AICC seems to be in the air and  trying to see the ground through the glasses of others, but those glasses will drown them and take them away.”  The person who never communicated with the workers and did not know their reality how can that person understand the pain of a common man  And will take his party by immersing himself in the air., he said. 
 Aam Aadmi Party has a vision for the youth of Himachal and for the common man as a Delhi model by respected Arvind Kejriwal ji, due to which the youth of the state everywhere in the state today is looking at AAP as an option in the future and that’s why  people are joining AAP party. In the coming municipal elections, this time both the parties are going to get clean.  In the coming time, youth will be connected all over the state and the vision of AAP will be taken to every household, he added.

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