Shimla Municipal Corporation Poll: Election Commission fixes one lakh expenditure ceiling for contestant

State Election Commission fixed the one lakh ceiling on the expenditure of candidates for  Shimla Municipal Corporation for the general election on Thursday. 

Deputy Commissioner Shimla and District Election Officer Aditya Negi informed the all-party meeting hold about conducting free and fair polls in the town today.

He apprised the parties who attended the meeting that the State Election Commission has fixed the highest ceiling limit of Rs one lakh for a candidate and that all parties should comply with the direction.

 SEC would hold polling for 34 Shimla MC wards at designated 149 polling stations in the town. 

DEO also informed the candidate that if they spend more than this on campaigning, there is a provision to cancel the membership of the candidate. 

He said that the campaign expenditure would be monitored by expenditure observers.  On 13, 17, and 18 April 2023, candidates of various parties and independent candidates could file nominations.

 He said that the sorting would be done on 19 April 2023 and the candidates could withdraw their nominations on 21 April 2023.  Ward no.  Candidates from 1 to 7 could file nominations with SDM Shimla (Urban).

 Similarly, candidates from Ward 8 to 14 are SDM Shimla (Rural), candidates from Ward 15 to 21 are Assistant Commissioner Shimla, Tehsildar Shimla (Urban) from Ward 22 to 28, and Tehsildar Shimla (Rural) from Ward 29 to 34. 

 The process of retrenchment and withdrawal of names will also take place in the office of the said officers.

 The District Election Officer said that immediately after the withdrawal of nominations on April 21, the list of all the contesting candidates would be finalized along with the election symbols.

 He said that the age of the contesting candidate should be more than 21 years.  Also, he should be a resident of any ward of the city.  

Along with this, his proposer should be a resident of the concerned ward from which the candidate has to contest the election.  The election campaign would end on 30 April 2023.

 On this occasion, ADM (Law and Order) Rahul Chauhan gave information about the guidelines on the election code of conduct along with the candidates of political parties.  

 He also urged the representatives of political parties to put up hoardings etc. at designated places and use sound systems for campaigning as per the guidelines of the Election Commission.

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