Shimla MC Cleanliness survey : Rajday down ranking slide down

BJP ruled Shimla Municipal Corporation lag behind other township in the country as it slide down drastically by many points in Cleanliness, Health, Electricity and water services ranking compared to past years.
Lashing out the BJP ruled Shimla MC government which claimed triple engine rail the district unit of CPI(M) secretary and Former Mayor Mr Sanjay Chauhan said that capital town ranking in the nationwide health survey 2021  fell from 65th rank  in the previous year 2020 to 102nd rank this year due to poor performance functioning. 
He said that when CPI(M) was running the SMC in the year 2016, and ruling party was not in power, Shimla ranked 26th in the ranking of the cleanliness survey.  
Blaming the reckless policies of privatization launched by the BJP he said that the city government failed to implement the steps rapidly and the town slide down in all the services, including education, health, water, electricity, sanitation, to hand over the basic needs of the people in private hands. 
The state government has banned regular recruitment in all departments and backdoor ad-hoc and outsourced recruitment as being done on the contracts basis, he alleged
The contract system being promoted benefiting companies rather than the employees who could not serve on the public expectations. 
Mr Chauhan said that as many as  950 posts of sanitation and other workers were falling vacating  The SMC could not be blamed for the increasing fitness or littering of township day by day.  
He said that the policy of privatization are increasing the economic burden on the local residents of the  town as Civic body is indulging in increasing user charges and collection of various levies from people in order to hire the private workforces on the contractors and companies.
The  rates of property tax, garbage collection fees, rent of shops and other services increase exorbitantly  by the BJP ruled SMC during the last four-and-a-half years.
The state Government and civic body also handing over the heavy water bills to customers more over garbage collection fee increased more than doubled during this period. 
The people who are expecting good service in lieu of paying heavily is dismayed over the declining the level and ranking of its services.  
The local MLA of the town who is also the Minister of Urban Development in the state Government should own the responsibility for the declining in the level of services and ranking in the
country, he added

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