Sahib Society Workers Union Protests for Regularization and Fair Wages

Hundreds of Sahib and outsourced workers staged a major protest outside the DC office in Shimla, organized by the Sahib Society Workers Union, which is affiliated with CITU. Prominent leaders such as CITU State President Vijendra Mehra, Treasurer Balak Ram, and Union President Jaswant Singh spoke at the event. They threatened an indefinite strike if efforts to privatize or outsource the Sahib Society continued. The protestors criticized the Municipal Corporation for allocating Rs 2.5 crore for QR code scanning instead of hiring 150 additional workers, which would improve cleanliness and reduce the workload.

The workers demanded that Sahib employees be made regular employees with a salary of Rs 26,000, in accordance with the 15th Indian Labor Conference, Supreme Court orders, and Seventh Pay Commission recommendations. They also called for timely wage payments, 39 legal holidays, and the inclusion of outsourced workers under the Sahib Society. Additional demands included a promotion policy, the deposit of EPF dues, and an end to assigning extra work without compensation. The protest underscored the severe economic and mental exploitation faced by the workers and called for immediate action to address their grievances and improve their working conditions.

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