Rivoli building undergoing demolition causes damage to Heritage Ice Skating rink 

In a major incident that occurred in the heart of Shimla town demolition of an ancient Cinema hall, Rivoli caused massive damage to the Heritage Ice Skating Rink Club as a portion of the building caved in.

Manpreet Singh, Secretary of the Simla Ice Skating Club informed that the unsafe  Rivoli building was undergoing demolition by a private contractor.

Around 1630 hrs on Saturday it caved in unexpectedly, causing significant damage to the Skating club beanth .

The landslide and rubble of capsized building also caused serious risk to attendees of an ongoing entertainment fair (Mela). 

It is worthwhile to mention that subsequent to the permission of the civic body this building was ordered to be demolished for about 3 years.

Reports indicate that the water tank, sheds, and servant quarters of the club were damaged by the debris.  Fortunately, only one laborer sustained injuries in the incident.

Local residents are panicking after the incidents and also expressed concerns about the demolition process conducted and ordered by MC Shimla authorities. They emphasized that the unscientific manner in which the building demolition was carried out has raised questions about the safety protocols followed during the task. 

Furthermore, they drew attention to the fact that the demolished building was situated directly above a major construction site for the development of a lift connecting the Ice Skating rink to Ridge.

Numerous heavy machinery and equipment were being utilized for this project. Local shopkeepers in the vicinity reported that the demolition process was being conducted without proper adherence to safety standards, heightening concerns about the overall safety of the area. 

The collapse of the building, which occurred in close proximity to the ongoing entertainment fair, potentially endangered the lives of the fair’s laborers who were residing in the vicinity. 

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, focusing on the demolition procedures employed and the adherence to safety protocols.

 Even though in this case the demolition was being done by a private contractor, but the MC Shimla authorities are expected to face scrutiny regarding their responsibility in ensuring the safety of both the demolition process and the neighboring establishments.

As the extent of the damages is assessed, efforts would be made to restore the Ice Skating club to its operational state and provide the necessary support to those affected. by the incident. 

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of proper safety measures during construction and demolition activities to prevent such mishaps in the future.

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