Regrettable to convert the question of employment into regionalism, asked the Govt to clarify its stand – Dr. Tanwar

The state unit of CPM condemned the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government for remaining fail to address the issue of unemployment and allegedly dividing People on the regionalism 

 A five-member delegation of CPIM led by Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar met Deputy Commissioner Shimla Mr. Aditya Negi and appealed to resolve the dispute soon between Sirmaur and Shimla Taxi Unions.

Seeking clarification from the government Dr Tanwar said that it is regrettable to convert the question of employment into regionalism.

Reacting over the recent scuffle between two taxi operators unions belonging to Shimla and Sirmaur CPIM State Secretariat member Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar said that it is highly regrettable that the government tried to make the dispute between the two taxi unions an issue of regionalism instead of resolving it soon.

 He said that this issue is not of regionalism but of employment. Youth struggling to maintain their livelihood and unemployment get entangled with each other due to the competition for employment. 

He said that today politicians are trying to create a rift between these youth in the name of caste, religion, and region. These youth instead of rising against the system, the resentment and anger of the youth descends on each other.

 The benefits of this are taken by the political people by making the public fight with each other. 

Instead of talking about development, and employment, or asking them questions, people get entangled with each other. 

The same has happened in this case also. The leaders have become silent by provoking the public and the public is fighting among themselves.

 Dr. Tanwar told that Himachal Pradesh is a peace-loving state, and there should be no place for regional politics. 

Shimla is the state capital where people of any region have the right to get employment opportunities.

 Dr. Tanwar advised the politicians that they should avoid making controversial statements.

 It is not right to spoil the harmony of the state for your political gains and greed. Rather the area around Shimla has been deprived of development and employment opportunities just like the remote areas of Sirmaur. 

He said that despite the immense possibilities of employment, due to the poor condition of education, the youth here are not getting proper opportunities, and efforts should be made to improve it.

 Dr. Tanwar has urged the Chief Minister to intervene in this matter and asked him to clarify the stand of the government.

 Satyawan Pundir, Gulab Negi, Jaishiv Thakur, and Naveen Sharma were present in the delegation.

It is worthwhile to mention here that a bloody scuffle broke out between the two groups of Taxi unions belonging to Shimla and Sirmaur however a Congress minister took a stand against the former increasing enmity between the two groups on the basis of regionalism.

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