Prolong dry spell worrying hospitality industry in Shimla

The prolonged dry spell causing worry among the hospitality industry as rationing of water supply already affected stakeholders forcing them to purchase water tanker for day to day consumption.Mohinder Seth President of state Tourism Industry Stakeholders Association told us that shortage of Water for domestic consumption is already making news in media also to hit the Hospitality industry. The Shimla Jal Parbhandhan Nigam (SJPNL)is supplying water in shimla town  after every  three to four days.About the water shortage in Shimla hotel industry is worried that it may not hit the comming Tourist Season moreover hoteliers are purchasing water thru tankers to fulfill there needs.The  SJPNL is showing dream of supplying 24 hrs water supply to shimla town but on ground they miserably fail to provide daily regular water supply.There is hardly 30 to 40 percent occupancy  in hotels  on average and  summer season  is about to start from mid April, he said. Seth accused  SJPNL to be not looking serious about the water supply .He said that government  costituted SJPNL with a aim to provide proper and regular water supply to shimla town also   having the same excuses  as at the time of water supply was with being done by Shimla M C. He allege that SJPNL also pushing blame for  non functioning of pumps or  erratic electric supply  or low discharge of water.  He blames that SJPNL  appears zo be old wine in the new bottle. He accused SJPNL for charging heavily to consumer instead of focusing on the water supply. He said that Covid ruined industry in last two years but it would impact further by the dryspel as  Nigam failed to provide daily supply.The SJPNL have not taken  any lesson from that acute shortage which was highlighted in the media world vide. They even not bothered to make arrangements of stand by pumps  and to install generators to have  alternative electricity supply to pumps  in case of electricity failure.This year coming summer season is very crucial for financialy stressed hotel industry  because the hoteliers are hopeful to have some financial relief due to good bussiness this year after loosing two summer seasons for the last two years conjectively.He urged the SJPNL to work on war footing to improve the water supply before the forth coming Summer season in the interest of providing regular water to the local population of the town and the tourist in the state capital.

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