Prem Kumar Dhumal still active in active public life

BJP stalwart, two time former Chief minister, three time Members of Parliament and leader of Opposition in State Assembly,  Prem Kumar Dhumal stated in a candid conversation  UNI’s Sr Journalist ML Verma at Samirpur on Friday that despite he is not contesting any Election this time still he is very much active in public life. He accepted that the impact of Old Pension System in this Election however he said that if OPS is Congress major poll plank,  it was also responsible for the abolishing the Old Pension of Employees. He said that every employee who are serving for many years in the state services should be entitled for formidable pension. Giving his personal view point he said that it should to be relook which ever party came in the power. Responding to low-profile of state election leadership in vacuum of stalwart leadership of Virbhadra Singh, he himself not being in race for CMship and Shanta Kumar not being in public life, he said that new leadership should be get chance to show their worth in the public life and new leadership should come up too. Mr Kumar said that he was very much active in the public life and whatever role party has assigned to him he was doing it as he was one of the state star campaigner. He said that he is busy to canvass in many Assembly especially at Samirpur. Denying the failure of party strategies and distribution of tickets he said that in every election number of party leader become aspirant for ticket but party give tickets after going through the merits and demerits. He said that neck to neck contest in more than 20 seats having margin of victory or loss less than 2000 may some benifit ruling party if it have done good work. He said that he didn’t think that there is antigovernmental mood at all. He said that ticket was not denied to him in this election but he himself urged the party president that he didn’t want to contest and party acted on his advise. The party facing multi corner contest from its own own rebel Mr Dhumal said that before allotting ticket things decided by high command neither his opinion was sought. He said that when people know that a party is coming to power in every Constituency 50 to 60 aspirant want to fight elections but all cannot get ticket and whatever party did the method adopted by party high command. He said that party did not want to retire him from public life as party has assigned me the role of Star campaigner. He said that being not in the race of cm this time he was fully satisfied with present role as being three time MP, two time CM and two time leader of Opposition. He said that people was benefitted by state government policies. Water, Electricity was provided free old age pension was given to all people above 60 yrs , Education, Health facilities but masses always want more. He said that self employment and employment, Agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry and connectivity should be given thrust. The efforts should be made to increase the Tourist footfalls to boost up Tourism sector and more investment should be attracted which could increased employment Avenue to the youth. 

Mr Dhumal said that two years of this government wasted in Corona pandemic but one should added to its achievement as free vaccination and free ration was distributed by the government . He said performance of this government is good but people always aspire for more works. If we built Kaccha road people tends to demand Pacca road and there is no ends to development .He said that state was benefitted from the policy of Narendra Modi government as after PM parliamentary constituency Hamirpur Parliamentary got Vande Bharat train beside AIIMS and big schemes like free LPG connection under Swajla Yojana, free vaccination of first, second and booster dose to people was given to the people. He said that rail and road connectivity was being expended in the state. 

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