Pratibha Singh has asked government to expand facilities and repair operation equipment at IGMC

State Congress President MP Pratibha Singh has asked the government to expand facilities and repair operation equipment at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimla. She has said that she has come to know that in IGMC, from doctors to patients, they are facing many problems. She said that the former BJP government neither expanded the facilities in this institute nor took any step towards strengthening the health services. Today, along with the doctors, the patients are also facing many problems here are falling

Pratibha Singh expressed her surprise that the C-arm X-ray machines used in emergency theaters, especially during ortho operations, have been out of order for the last three years and asked to get them fixed immediately. She has said that such important X-ray machines which have been lying defunct for years are a matter of great concern. She asked the government to immediately restore all equipment in all operation theaters at IGMC so that doctors can perform operations properly. She has said that any type of messing or carelessness with the health of the people undergoing treatment cannot be tolerated, so the government should immediately rectify all the flaws in all the hospitals and health institutions running from the time of the previous government. Apart from this, the quality of surgical instruments should also be ensured.

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