Pratibha Singh : BJP has completely disturbed the economy of the state

Pradesh Congress President MP Pratibha Singh has said that the local MLAs have proved ineffective in resolving the public problems of Joginder Nagar. She has said that despite being associated with the BJP, the government neither gave him any importance nor did the region. Due to the mutual factionalism of BJP, the people here have to bear the brunt of this.

While addressing an election rally in favor of party candidate Surendra Pal Thakur in Joginder Nagar today, Pratibha Singh said that Congress government is going to be formed in the state. She said that as soon as the Congress comes to power, doing justice to all the employees, their old pension will be restored. She called upon the people to make Congress candidate Surendra Pal win with a huge margin.

Later, addressing a public meeting in favor of party candidate Kuldeep Pathania in Sihunta of Bhatiyat assembly constituency, Pratibha Singh accused the BJP of not fulfilling the promises made to the people during the 2017 elections. She said that now again the BJP is trying to mislead the people. She said that the BJP never understood the plight of women nor the plight of farmers or gardeners. She said that today the unemployment figure in the state has crossed 12 lakhs. The corruption of BJP has been exposed in the state due to the police recruitment paper leak case. The people of the state will never forgive the way BJP has played with the future of unemployed youth.

Pratibha Singh said that BJP has completely disturbed the economy of the state. He said that today the debt of 74 thousand crores has gone up in the state. He said that BJP has no contribution in the development of the state. He said that Jai Ram government cut the ribbons of the same schemes which were started by the former Virbhadra Singh government in the state.

Pratibha Singh while calling upon the people to make Kuldeep Pathania win with huge votes said that it is very important for the Congress to form a strong government in the state and reach the assembly after winning

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