Pollution Control Board restricts use of fireworks

In wake of Superme Court of India order to maintain quality of air during festival season, HP State Pollution Control Board imposed two hours restrictions to use or burst crackers during Diwali and Gurupurav, Christmas and New year’s festival.

In a notification issued by Member Secretary of HPSPCB Rakesh Meena on Saturday said that on the order of Supreme Court of  Oct 23 in a Writ Petition  directions is issued to restrict the use of firecrackers in the state.
He said considering the adverse impact of pollution by use of firecrackers,  National Green Tribunal also had issued an order Nov 9, 2020 directing union ministry of forest, environment and climate change, concerned states, cities and towns to maintain airquality.
The order said that restrictions would be imposed on the cities where the air quality is ‘moderate’ or below.
“Only green crackers to be sold and the timings for use and bursting of crackers be restricted to two hours during festivals, like Diwali, Chatt, New Year and Christmas Eve etc.” the order mainten. 
Member Secretary says that recent direction of  Supreme Court also specifed that Board should  address this concern in the areas where moderately polluted or below air quality likely to be  aggravated due to increasing industrial and commercial activities lifting ofCovid-19 restrictions.
SC said that state should specify the timing for fire crackers from 2000 hrs to 2200 (8 to 10 pm) on Diwali and Gurupurb, 0600 hrs to 0800 hrs (6 am to 8 am) on Chatt and 23.55 hrs to 0030hrs ( 11.55 pm to 12.30 am) during Christmas and New year eve (which have yet to come and do not fall in November but if ban continues ) and not otherwise”.
SPCB said that timing of bursting of crackers (1)Diwali 4th November 2021 From 2000hrs to 2200hrs.(2) Gurupurab 0600 hrs to 0800 hrs (6 am to 8am(3) X-massEve Dec 25-26th and New year -2021 23.55 hrs to 0030hrs ( 11.55 pm to 12.30 am).
In compliance to this directions and highlighting the remedial action against pollution by the use of firecrackers aggravating the menace of Coivid-19 pandemic and posing higher danger to the lives and health of vulnerable groups, the State Government …has issued directions to all concerned Administrative authorities (DMs and SPs) and concerned stakeholder departments to ensure use of only green crackers( allowed for a very short duration)
 HPSPCB also appealed general public and concerned stakeholders of the State to comply  directions in letter and spirit and “SAY NO TO FIRECRACKERS” this Diwali, he added.

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