People are eager to join Aam Aadmi Party: Gaurav Sharma State Spokesperson

In Himachal Pradesh Aam Aadmi Party, people are showing their interest day by day and there is a competition to join the party. Party state spokesperson Gaurav Sharma said that there is a continuous gathering of people in the party office every day and people are trying to join the party. Showing their interest. Today in the party office, the elders from Hamirpur, Nadaun and Shimla joined the party, as well as are eager to work hard in their areas for the strength of the party. While doing so, Gaurav told that the young brothers are looking very sad and frustrated with the BJP and Congress and are talking about showing them the land again and again. And BJP is not going to be found by searching. Gaurav Sharma said that the decisions being taken by the Punjab government for the interest of the common man are also pleasing to the people of the state and they are joining the party without any notice. Government in the state Upon arrival, all the work that Mann Saheb is doing in Punjab, whether he is hiring outsourced employees, will be completed. Be it , ration has to be reached at doorstep , transparency in government works , water and electricity have to be provided free to some extent , free health facilities have to be provided , old pension has to be restored and whatever other issues are related to the public, they have to be completed. The party will remain committed to the cause. Repeatedly denying the existence of the Aam Aadmi Party in Himachal by the leaders of both the parties speaks of the strength of the Aam Aadmi Party and the people of the state are going to clean both the parties with a broom.

                                Today in state office Shimla  Sister Veena Raghuvanshi , Rajat Saini and Suman Rawat joined the party from Nabha. From Hamirpur and Nadaun, Karan Sharma , Rajesh Kumar , Nitish Kumar , Aman , Akshay Sharma , Sulichana Dhiman , Priya , Rahul , Nitin and their young comrades took the membership of the party

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