Over 51000 farmers certified for natural produce under Prakritik Kheti Khushhal Kisan Yojana

Secretary Agriculture, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Rakesh Kanwar today said the main focus of Prakritik Kheti Khushhal Kisan Yojana (PK3Y) in this financial year will be the consolidation of farmers, who are practicing natural farming in Himachal Pradesh.

Addressing a meeting of the Agriculture department officers from the state in Shimla to discuss the cluster-based agriculture development program in HP, Kanwar asked the officers not to go by any target of increasing the number of farmers under natural farming as of late.

” Over 1.5 lakh farmers have already adopted natural farming techniques in agriculture and horticulture in Himachal. And a study by an outside agency has shown that 28 percent of farmers outside PK3Y have adopted natural farming techniques on their own through peer-to-peer learning without any training.

 The diffusion effect is so high. So it is better that we work on consolidation of the existing farmers, increase their area under natural farming, conduct their refresher workshops, capacity building training and exposure visits, etc,” he said. 

The meeting was attended by State Project Director, PK3Y, Naresh Thakur, Director,  Agriculture, Dr. Rajesh Kaushik, Joint Director, PK3Y, Dr. Ravinder Singh Jasrotia, Project Directors (ATMA) and Deputy Directors, Agriculture from the state. Deputy Director, of PK3Y, Dr. Mahender Bhawani gave a presentation on PK3Y’s progress so far.

The Secretary, of Agriculture, said it is no more a question of whether natural farming is beneficial or not, given the response and success in results on the ground. ‘ Everyone is convinced that natural farming technique is beneficial. We just need to take the practice further for overall benefits in agriculture,’ he said.

He asked the Agriculture department officers to identify clusters, prioritize the issues there and come out with a specific need-based budget for each cluster.

State Project Director, PK3Y, Naresh Thakur said PK3Y has achieved the earmarked targets in 2022-23. He said over 51000 farmers have been certified under PK3Y for natural produce ” Our effort in 2023-24 would be that all the 1.5 lakh farmers practicing natural farming are certified.”

Thakur said the natural farming model villages in the state would also be strengthened.

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