No discussion in BJP National Executive on Party defeat in Himachal By Election

BJP state president Suresh Kashyap said today that no discussion held on party’s recent defeat in Bye Election during national executive meeting.
Addressing media person here today Mr Kashyap said after the meeting that meeting held semivirutal mode did not discuss the cause of party debacle.
He said that party would held ‘Chintan’ Meeting soon to discuss the reason of loss.
Replying to decision of distribution of ticket to party candidate Mr Kashyap said that ticket allotment was decided by the party high command and he wouldn’t cast any aspersions on the decision of high command.
Neelam Saraik was made candidate for Jubbal Kotkhai Assembly bye election keeping 50 per cent women population in mind however party could not save the deposit as BJP rebel was in the fray which benefited the Congress.
He said that including Arki and Fatehpur Assembly allotment of tickets party would contemplate about the reason of defeat and it would disclose the media in the future about it.
He said that party organization is United in the state however if it would be necessary to take some remedial measures after the Chitan meeting party would decide about it with consent of Jagat Prakash Nadda and senior party leader including Shanta Kumar and Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal if needed.
Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur said that there are no proposal to reshuffle the cabinet in the state however it would be decided after the Chintan meeting it is desirable.
Mr Thakur said that party have won bye election in 2019 after the Lok sabha election and Congress candidate in Dharmshala also pushed to third place in the bye election.
There is very narrow margin in the loss and victory in the 2021 bye election and party would put up four times efforts in Assembly Election in 2022 to ensure mission repeat,  Mr Thakur said.
We would disclose about the reason of party debacle after the Chintan meeting as it would not be possible for him to blame infighting of party reason of defeat.
He said that there party would find about the cause of defeat and would overcome before going to another poll.
Former Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal was also attended the meeting he said that no discussion was held about the reason of party defeat .
No discussion was held in the National Executive Meeting about the issue of party defeat, he added that party would held Chintan Meeting in near future however he evade query about his assessment of party defeat.
Mr Dhumal was declared party star campaigner in the bye election but party Election Committee did not made any decision to address any Election meeting.
Mr Dhumal’s son Anurag Thakur addressed Election meeting in the state including Arki and Jubbal Kotkhai. Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur addressed 68 public meeting in the bye election and around 40 Election meeting was held by Party President Suresh Kashyap.
After the Himachal Pradesh bye-election and complete defeat of it candidate Narendra Modi Government cut down Excise duty on Petrol and Diesel first time.
Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur have stated on Nov 3 after defeat of party that Congress successfully used weapon of price rise against the BJP and infighting in the party are main cause of debacle.
Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur and union minister Anurag Thakur were the star campaigner of party in the bye election, no major leader was part of party Election strategy in the bye election. 
Party president said that Vaccinatation program launched by the union government against Covid pandemic helped to reduce the severity among the patient.
The Covid cases are still pouring despite 100 percent first dose of Covid Vaccine  but Covid situation is not so alarming he claimed adding that Himachal Pradesh would achieved complete target of vaccinatation on Nov 30.

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