No Cong or BJP stalwarts to figure in New Assembly

In a month to decleared the results of Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election but one thing is ascertained that no stalwarts now figured in the state government or Assembly.  This is the first election in the last 40 years, which has been held without the activism of Virbhadra Singh, Shanta Kumar and Dhumal. After becoming the Chief Minister of the Janata Party government for the first time.  Since 1977, Shanta Kumar remained active in the elections of every assembly, Lok Sabha and urban bodies of the state till 2017. Similarly, after 1985, Virbhadra Singh was also remained  active in all the state elections continuously till 2021, but also used to be a star campaigner. Similarly, after 1990, Dhumal was elected every year continuously till the by-elections of 2019. As polling has been completed and the results are to come on December 8, but this will be the first time in the last 45 years that the state’s politics veterans Ramlal Thakur, Virbhadra Singh, Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal will not be present in the 14th Assembly of the state.  .  From 1977 till now, one or the other of these four Chief Ministers used to be in the assembly, but none of them will be there in the 14th assembly.This time BJP did not give ticket to former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, while Shanta Kumar has retired from politics. Dhumal could have reached the assembly, but mutual rivalries of BJP did not allow him to contest the elections. He got out. It is understood that his absence in the election campaign should not throw the BJP out of power however, this will be confirmed only after the election results on December 8. Former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar had retired from electoral politics before the 2017 elections. The other two former chief ministers Virbhadra Singh and Ramlal Thakur have passed away.After losing the election in 2017, the BJP had thrown Dhumal out of electoral politics. After winning all the four seats in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, by-elections were held in the state. After winning the Lok Sabha elections, MLA Suresh Kashyap and Dharamsala MLA Kishan Kapoor became MPs, leaving these seats vacant. From these elections till now, the BJP kept Dhumal out of the election campaign. This time he was restricted to Hamirpur 2. He certainly held public meetings in Dehra and Kutlayer was held on the day of the end of the campaign. It showed that it was nothing but a formality as party is not keen to get Election backfire as BJP are too close in tne contest.

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