New power tariff notify in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission  has issued new Power tariff plans for 11 categories of consumers settings target to generate revenue tune to 5730 Cr for the Year 2022 -23. The state government recently announced to cut down tarif to low consumers of  categories would provide more than Rs 750 Cr subsidy to fullfill to fulfill the its announcement. Tariff continue claimed to provide additional subsidy to neutralize the effect of increase in tariff that is  20 paisa per unit across all categories thus t provided  more than Rs. 750 Cr as grant in aide ir subsidy to state Electricity Board. In view of the implementation of smart prepaid meters across various consumer categories, the Commission has approved a three pc rebate on Energy Charge for Consumers availing prepaid metering facility. The tariff of electricity has not been increased for the last three years. Rather continuously concessions in form of reduced tariff have been provided to different Categories of the Consumers in the State in order to fuel economic growth across all sectors in the state.The order said that Electricity prevailing rate at present shall remain unchanged for all categories of Consumers except Domestic and Agriculture Consumers where the GoHP has announced subsidized rates of 30 paisa per unit for Agriculture Consumers , free electricity for Domestic Consumers having monthly consumption upto 60 units .  ,  Such Consumers having consumption upto 60 units per month will not be paying any bill .  Further, the subsidized rate of Rs. One  per unit shall be for Domestic Consumers having monthly consumption upto 125 units .Considering the services being rendered by the Defense Forces in difficult conditions in the State and also keeping in view their request , all Defense Establishments within the State shall be charged at Domestic rates against Bulk supply rates being charged earlier . Commercial establishment within the Defense Cantonment area shall be charged at Commercial rates . All ” Gau Sadans and Cow Sanctuaries ” registered with Gau Sewa Ayog shall be charged at agriculture rates of 30 paisa per unit as against domestic tariff being charges earlier . Considering the importance of industrial sector for growth of the State, tariff of the industrial sector has not been increased for the third consecutive year. The Commission has approved a separate tariff category for Electric Vehicle charging station in the tariff schedule. The tariff for supply of electricity to these EV Charging Stations shall be on single part tariff basis and has been kept below the Average Cost of Supply .

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