Modi Govt repeal 3- farms laws pressure of nationwide united Farmers protest

Narendra Modi Government has repealed the three pro-corporate farm laws under the pressure of historic protest which took lives of more than 700 Farmers.
This was stated by the state CPI(M) secretary Dr Onkar Stad addressing  meeting of  State Committee of Himachal Kisan Sabha being held in Mandi under the chairmanship of State President Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar. 
 Addressing inaugural session  Dr. Onkar Shad said that ill-effects of the Covid epidemic ruined the national economy and public service at large.
Dr. Shad said that during the period just theree percent of the rich registered steep increase of income and assets while the condition of the common man went bad to worst  as economy growth plunged by minus 23 percent during this period.  
Onkar Shad said that by forcibly passing three laws in Parliament in a non-democratic manner destroyed the agriculture and the move was to serve the interests of the capitalists and corporate houses.

Modi government has comprisied the interests of the country’s agriculture, farmers and general public.
Farmers and people have successfully understood this conspiracy, the farmer organizations launched a nationwide movement, forming a United Kisan Morcha, forming a wide unity across the country, in which around 700 farmers were martyred during the movement. 
 False cases were made against thousands of farmers and a government sponsored hate campaign against them was also launched by the corporate media.  
The peasant movement also got the support from the workers, students, women, small shopkeepers at Public at large. 
There is a demand of Kisan Sabha and United Kisan Morcha that a law of MSP should be enacted in Parliament and the proposed amendments in Electricity Act should be withdrawn.
  He said that the unity of the farmer labor and forced the Modi government to take U-turn on the farm laws passed in tearing hurry to favor of the capitalists, increased the possibility of a major defeat of BJP in the upcoming assembly states elections. 
 The resources of the country are being handed over to the capitalists and big companies as  loans are being waived and tax exemptions are being given.  
To compensate for this, the income and purchasing power of the general public is falling and the burden is being put on the public by imposing various types of taxes and increasing inflation.  
Facilities and Public services  like electricity, water, roads, education, health and transport have collapsed in the state.

 Referring the repealing of anti farmers law , State President Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, termed the victory of the countrywide All India Farmers’ Movement in the difficult conditions of continuous struggles throughout the year as historic. 
 At the same time, he described  continuation of the farmers’ movement on the demand of minimum support price as a sign of the unity of the farmers.
 By bringing all the crops under the perview of MSP, most of the people of the country who are associated with agriculture will get direct benefits.  
He said that the Central and State Governments have made agriculture unprofitable by snatching the subsidies of the farmers.
  No compensation is being given to the farmers to compensate for the crops being destroyed by wild animals and stray animals and the crops damaged by natural calamities.
  Despite this, even if the farmer have some produces, he does not get fair price of the crop in the market, therefore, the law of MSP is very important for the farmers. 
 He said that most of the farmers who are unable to survive through farming, work in MNREGA for their livelihood, but neither work is given on time, nor full work is given in the demand of applicants. 

 During the meeting issue of the cultivating land, apples, tomatoes and vegetables, milk, and grains were discussed, strategy for which the struggles will be prepared after doing detailed deliberation in the coming time.
 In the meeting, by achieving the target of fifty thousand membership by January 31, an optimistic attitude towards the farmers’ struggle will be created with the victorious energy of the nationwide farmers’ movement in the villages of the state.  

 Along with this, it was also decided to hold demonstration at Tapovan in Dharamsala in the winter session of the Legislative Assembly on December 14, raising the issues of land acquisition affected prominently.
  The struggle will be escalated by holding a convention on the issue of Balh airport.  Discussing by the members in the meeting, it was resolved to strengthen the Kisan Sabha.

 Most of state Committee  along leading members of Kisan Sabha from 8 districts participated in this meeting.

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