Modi government has drastically cut the budget of NREGA: Dr. Udit Raj

National President of All India Unorganized Workers Congress, former MP Dr. Udit Raj has said that Congress made laws to protect the interests of the workers associated with the unorganized sector, but today these laws are being ignored. He said that all the workers will have to unite and fight for their rights. He said that on April 25, NREGA Bachao Rally would be organized in New Delhi in which a large number of workers belonging to the unorganized sector from across the country would participate.

Addressing the state-level meeting of the Unorganized Workers’ Employees Congress, KKC, at State Congress Headquarters Rajiv Bhawan today, Dr. Udit Raj said that half of the country’s population is still below the poverty line. He said that Congress had implemented the NREGA scheme with the aim that some definite employment could be available at the doorstep of the people. He said that the Modi government has cleared the anti-labor face by drastically cutting the budget of NREGA. He said that the Manmohan Singh government had initially kept a budget of 11 thousand crores for this scheme, which has now been increased to 60 thousand crores. He said that due to the wrong and dictatorial decisions taken by the BJP government at the Centre, the country’s economy has been left completely in disarray.

Dr. Udit Raj said that demonetization made them hungry, the whole country has seen the sufferings faced by crores of unorganized workers in Corona. He said that Congress has also linked the employees with this organization. He said that the Modi government at the center has closed the doors of government jobs while promoting privatization, which is a matter of great concern. He said that today under the rule of the Modi government, 23 crore people have reached poverty.

State Congress President MP Pratibha Singh, being a special guest, said that the former Virbhadra Singh government in the state has constituted a board for the welfare of workers associated with the unorganized sector. He said that the State Government was fully committed towards the welfare of the people associated with the unorganized sector.

Pratibha Singh said that to protect the interests of the employees in the state, their old pension has been restored. He said that Congress cannot tolerate ignoring the interests of the common people. He said that the guarantees given by Congress to the people in the assembly elections would be fulfilled in a phased manner.

Pratibha Singh while mentioning the works of Asha workers associated with the organization said that her services during the Covid period were commendable and courageous. She assured that she would take up the problems of the unorganized sector with the Central Government.

Welcoming all the people present in the meeting, State President of the State Unorganized Workers Congress, Rajeev Rana said that this is the first meeting of KKC in the state. He said that the main objective of this organization is to put the problems of all the people in the unorganized sector before the government and get them resolved. He assured all the people associated with the organization that their problems and demands would be put before the government.

During this meeting Lahul Spiti MLA Ravi Thakur, Congress General Secretary Amit Pal Singh Secretary, Tarun Pathak besides Gokul Chand Sehgal, Thakur Das Sharma, Gurpal Singh, Sachin Valian, Ravi Ratna Sharma, Nitesh Kumar, Karan Dev Bodh, Anoop Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Ravi, Ranjit Singh, Vijender Dutt Gautam and Anoop Thakur, Satya Ranta, Preeti Thakur Nisha and many people from different fields were present.

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